Art Nouveau buildings – City Hall

City Hall, the center and symbol of Subotica, built in 1912. and is the work of the famous architects Komor and Jakab. European decorative Art Nouveau style, one milestones, is here enriched with romantic notes of Hungarian folklore through a pattern of stylized flowers, floral ornaments made of ceramic and wrought iron. Heart of the City Hall makes the Great Hall with magnificent stained glass windows. In the City Hall are today, and many years ago, the City Administration, shops, banks.

From the lookout, which is located at 45m is offered a breathtaking view of Subotica and its surroundings. Tourists and all interested citizens of Subotica can organize visiting the city hall and lookout and get acquainted with the history of this building and watch the panorama of the city and its surroundings from the highest point of view.


Organized visits to City Hall are to be performed according to a pre-announced schedule. For details about the organization of visiting the Town Hall please contact us on: +381 24 647 294

Content developed in collaboration with the Tourist Organization of Subotica