In our Wellness Beauty Salon, we pay special attention to facial treatment and we use the products of renowned names in beauty industry.

The team of our expert cosmeticians will help you choose the most appropriate facial treatment, depending on the type of your skin.

Cosmetics – facial treatment

Facial deep cleansing – cleansing treatment
After deep cleansing the complexion gets bright and the skin regenerates and defies environmental effects more easily.

Peeling + facial massage – relaxing treatment
A short facial treatment with peeling and muscle stimulation, accompanied with facial and cleavage skin tone lifting.

Hydro Life – intensive moisturizing treatment
Facial moisturizing and toning for all skin types.

Luxurious facial treatments

Mesotreatment Complete – Mesolift treatment with massage, face mask and special purpose ampoule.

Mesotreatment mini – Mesolift with special purpose ampoule

Mesoporation is a technique to enhance the penetration of active substances by electro impulses.
Mesotherapy without the use of syringe, enables increased absorption of active substances applied to the skin (Hyaluron, collagen and vitamins) up to a fantastic 90%. The treatment has beneficial effects on moisturizing, complexion, circulation and discolouration. It results in visibly clean, firm and fresh skin, better blood circulation and moisturized skin.

Anti age facial – Treatment meant for mature skin that lost its firmness and elasticity.

Detox facial  – Detox line is created by a special formula that enables two effects at the same time – cleaning and regenerating.

Ocean facial treatment for men – For skin, desperately in need of moisturizing, specially created for the care of men’s skin.


Apparatus based face and body treatments