Women cared about their fingernails even in ancient Egypt and believed that neat fingernails symbolized wealth and status.
Nails, first and foremost, reflect our health, thus their high quality treatment is essential.

Our Wellness Centre offers a professional treatment of hands and fingernails.

Manicure – sculpting the nail plate and nail edges, removal of cuticles and hand massage
Wellness Beauty Manicure – manicure, peeling, paraffin package, nail polishing

The final stage of manicure and pedicure

In order to make the treatment of your hands and feet complete, use the opportunity to “wrap it up” with paraffin package or nail polish.

Paraffin Package – a treatment to soothe the skin and make it smooth, resulting in the unique feeling of well treated hands.
Nail Polishing – polishing the nails with nail polish.
Gel Varnishing – It’s the perfect combination of favourite colors, strong and firm nails. A wide range of colors satisfies all customer tastes.