Treated and nice feet are an aesthetic detail, and they make us, both women and men, look more beautiful.

We provide full foot care, so you can walk along your way easily.

Pedicure – In the Galleria Wellness Center in the hands of our professionals your feet will become neat and soft.
Wellness Beauty Pedicure – A luxury ritual encompassing peeling, a soft, relaxing massage and nurturing paraffin package, which will make this wellness treatment an unforgettable experience.

The final stage of manicure and pedicure

In order to make the treatment of your hands and feet complete, use the opportunity to “wrap it up” with paraffin package or nail polish.

Paraffin Package – a treatment to soothe the skin and make it smooth, resulting in the unique feeling of well treated hands.
Nail Polishing – polishing the nails with nail polish.
Gel Varnishing – It’s the perfect combination of favorite colors, strong and firm nails. A wide range of colors satisfies all customer tastes.