Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna has a beneficial effect on human body. A temperature of 90 degrees Celsius stimulates perspiration and discharge toxins from the body, speeds metabolism and that way increase organism resistance. Recommended time spent in the sauna is 10-15 min. After time spent in the sauna, you can refresh yourself with the cold shower and repeat this for as long as it makes you feel good.

Steam sauna

Enjoy a steam temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Relax your body and get rid of harmful substances. The steam sauna will regenerate your body, and your skin will be revitalized, clean and ready for other treatments.

Shower adventure

After your treatment you can step into one of our shower experience and discover the heavenly feeling of complete purity. Your bathing ritual will never be the same.

Cooling Bath

It is used for cooling the body after using the sauna. The operation of ice cold water blood leaves the surface of the skin and goes rapidly to internal organs, increasing their circulation and detoxification. Under the influence of these methods kidneys and liver work more quickly and effectively.

Tepidariums – HEATED BENCHES

Relax with a magazine or book on tepidarium. Create your ideal body position on the bench temperature that relaxes your muscles and relaxes the whole body.

Saltarium- Salt room

The room that was lined on all sides with salt from the Dead Sea, on the floor, ceiling, and walls. With the help of halo generators, the micro-ground milled salt of high quality and purity is constantly cycling. We use only medical stone with high purity with no preservatives or additives against coagulation of salt, salt that has all the necessary medicinal performance and is derived entirely modern and hygienic way.
It’s rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, lithium and selenium which entering the body through the respiratory tract in optimal amounts, improves the health status of each person. Stay for 40 minutes in the salt room, replaces three days spent at sea.


Allow the bubbles to relax your body, while gazing at the city.