Wellness body treatments are intended for the care of the body and relax the mind.

With professional consultation with our therapists, indulge in treatments to revitalize your body. Enjoy with high-quality products and the relaxing massages that are part of the treatment.


Rest & Relax

Full relaxation and stress relief treatment. Surrender yourself to the benefits of high-quality products that nourish the body and provide a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Indoceane body treatment

Indoceane represents a treatment that takes you on a journey of ultimate relaxation across continents, using old traditions and rituals of beautification.

Anti-stress back treatments

The treatment with the aromatic mud based on mineral volcanic magma and pine essential oils. The treatment affects the relaxation of the body and has a pronounced anti-stress effect, helps with injuries, rheumatic problems, muscle pain. It is ideal as a treatment before the therapeutic massage.

Detox body treatment

This treatment has the mechanism of stimulation of collagen formation and proliferation of cells. The active ingredients will make your skin retain moisture and become visibly fresher after one single treatment.

Body scrub

A scrub is great for removing dead cells from the skin. It stimulates cell renewal and thereby enhances the effect of the funds for the care and skin tightening.


Treatment for quick reduction of fatty deposits under the skin. Recommended for men also. The goal of treatment is to reduce fatty deposits of 2 to 4 cm per treatment.


Treatment created for mixed cellulite. The goal of treatment is to soften the fibrous cellulite, its digestion and reduction of cellulite visibility.


Strengthening of loose skin, visible reduction of excessive skin, connective fibers are strengthened and tissue architectonics is regulated. The purpose of treatment is to tighten the skin and to remove excessive skin.