In Galleria Wellness Center physiotherapists are trained to be professional Wellness therapists, and they are dedicated to doing their job well. As a customer of our wellness Center, you have the option to choose a therapist with whom you want to schedule a massage.

To get the desired massage, it is necessary to make an appointment for a massage by e – mail or phone to contact the Wellness Centre.

Massage is one of the oldest and simplest ways of treatment.

During the massage the receptors of the skin and subcutaneous tissue are activated, it happens as the effect of mechanical action, and also the indirect action of our reflexes. It is evoking the whole organism. This means that the effects of a massage are great for our health and mood: it improves and accelerates blood circulation and lymph, improves elasticity and skin regeneration, relaxes muscles, slows and deepens breathing, improves digestion, metabolism, accelerates the expulsion of poisonous substances from the body, reduces pain and tension, acting on the internal organs.

Relax massage

Relax is a gentle pleasant massage to achieve a relaxation of the whole body. It prevents stress and fatigue, and relaxes muscles.

Classic massage

Massage of medium intensity, combining specific massage techniques to relax muscles, reduce tension, stress, accelerate blood circulation. Eliminates deeply engrained muscle tension, accelerates the flow of oxygen to tissues and improves our organ function.

Partial body massage

It is performed locally. This massage is pleasant and calming. It is recommended to reduce muscle tension and pain, also to improve circulation.

Parcijalna masaza

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is a set of manual techniques that are used to make the muscles relieved and allow the body to easily deliver oxygen and nutrients to the fatigued muscles. This is exactly what is lacking in your body to cope with the negative impacts of modern life.

Anti-Cellullite Massage

Anti-cellulite treatment is a complex process in which, depending on the condition and type of cellulite, several techniques are applied to combat cellulite. In our Wellness center we use GUAM therapy, completely natural and highly effective method for removing cellulite. The therapy guarantees size reduction, shaped silhouette and tighter skin. Results of this method are long term. In its cosmetics Guam uses the best from the sea, the main active ingredient is marine algae extract which speeds up metabolism, with Sicilian clay and herbal ingredients.
Treatment of the body are made gradually and the results are quickly apparent.
For this treatment it is recommended at least 10 treatments. The best results are obtained if treatments are done 3 times a week.

Lymphatic drainage of the body

Lymphatic drainage is an irreplaceable therapeutic method for stimulating lymphatic circulation and detoxifying the body. It should be noted that this is not a muscle massage, but very specific procedure which washes and regenerates tissue fluid in the body. Lymphatic drainage achieves the balance of body fluids in the body and a better overall health. The effects are the best if it is  done as a part of anti-cellulite massage.

Royal massage

Massage performed by two therapists with synchronized movements on opposite sides of the body. This massage unites more massage techniques. Results are a clear mind, toned body and confidence.


Hot stone massage

It has a very strong therapeutic effect on the body due to their geomagnetic characteristics. Heat is transmitted by volcanic stones impact on reducing tension in the muscles and soft tissues. This massage is achieved by the release of negative energy, improves circulation and improves the general condition of the body.

Masaza toplim kamenjem

Baobab massage

Baobab massage involves manual massage combined with baobab fruit. This intensive massage firms skin and improves its elasticity. Baobab massage oil is rich with Baobab extract and vitamin E. The precious Baobab essential oil prevents drying of the skin, stimulates metabolism, accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow, removes toxins from the muscles and the skin becomes taut, elastic and healthy.

Hot Chocolate Massage

Hot chocolate massage nourishes and regenerates our skin. It also brings harmony in our body and mind as aromatherapy. Applying hot cocoa oil creates the unique feeling on the skin, which is, then, transferred to the whole body. A relaxing massage, pampering your sense and offering the feeling of satisfaction.

Masaza cokoladom

Couples massage

A couples massage is when two people are being massaged in the same room, in the same time, on two massage tables. It enables the couples to share the experience of having a relaxing massage. They can chat in the meantime or enjoy together in silence.