Palić lake and village of the same name are located 8 kilometers northern of Subotica. The mystery of its landscapes has always captivated the hearts of generations of visitors. The lake, magnificent parks, remarkable buildings from the early 20th century, an unusual peace and silence make Palić one of the most popular destinations in Serbia.

Gastronomic offer of the northern Vojvodina is the quality by which our country is recognized and remembered. Promenades, beaches, bike trails, cultural, entertainment and sports facilities, as well as various events complete the offer of a tourist destination. Along with the traditional ambience of the hotel “Galleria”, the most advanced service and environment completed by Palić – we are sure that we are at the top of the Serbian travel choices.

All your wishes regarding the content of the visit and activities that Palić has to offer are part of our service! Contact us with your agenda or let us offer what we think is a good choice for you. The hotel “Galleria” along with its standard offer always meets the wishes of its guests and organizes everything possible of the additional contents.

Find out why the sunset at Palic is so special.



The Zoo is located in the center of Palić and extends to 10 hectares. Zoo with its concept, beauty, organization and treatment of animals stands out among the leaders in this part of Europe. Flower arrangements, lakes and fountains complete the look of the Zoo while visitors enjoy observing of about 60 animal species. There are 270 species of trees and shrubs in the park including exotic species like the Lebanese cedar and giant sequoia. Zoo Center can host a hundred of guests in the meeting room.


Content developed in collaboration with the Tourist Organization of Subotica