Phiwa Ltd.

The company “PHIWA” Ltd. Subotica was founded in August 2002. The activities of the company are investing and building, real estate, trade, logistics and catering activities.
Within the company “PHIWA” are also logistics centers in Subotica, Senta and Zrenjanin, and four star hotel “Galleria” located in Subotica.
Fair and honest business and compliance with all of our contracts are clear understood as the basis of our business. Our professional business includes good relationships with municipalities and flexibility according to the wishes of all our clients. That is what makes us reliable and favorite partner.

HCBC Galleria

International hotel congress and business center “Galleria” is one of the largest investments of the company “PHIWA” Ltd. in Serbia.
It is located in the center of Subotica, and was built between four streets. This building has an area of 29,000 m2, 5 floors and two underground floors, where the garage with 215 parking places is located. HCBC “Galleria” is composed of three units: an international 4 stars congress hotel, business area and shopping center, and all are connected trough the beautiful central Atrium.
HCBC “Galleria” was opened in June 2007, and the hotel has started on 01 September 2007.
We are in Serbia since August 2002 and so far we have a very rapid development behind us so that we can say we have achieved much and that we are one of the biggest investors in Vojvodina.